My name is Garian Fifer, born in Memphis, TN. In early March of 2017 my mother, Stephanie Coward, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. I must say it was the most devastating news I have ever received. Due to the fact that I am an only child, her baby boy, I was grief stricken. One of the most important factors in all of this was that I didn’t remain in the low state long.

I am proud to say my mother is a warrior. She looked cancer dead in the face and said, “Cancer,you will not defeat me! Bring on the fight!” Immediately she started the road to healing and all that it entails. She successfully went through chemotherapy and had a mastectomy. Despite losing all of her hair, her finger nails and toe nails turning completely black and not to mention no longer having breasts anymore, she remained strong and maintained a positive attitude.

I am proud to say as of now, March 2018, one year later, my mother is cancer free! With tenacity, determination, and a strong will to live we made it through a very hard time. With full support from my wife, my aunt and prayers from our entire family, through our faith in God, I couldn’t be more honored to be her son. Unfortunately, you hear about so many situations where some families are not as fortunate as we were. I have taken it upon myself to dedicate my new single titled “Never Give Up” to anyone who is fighting Cancer and those who may have lost a loved one to some form of Cancer.

This is a very positive, inspirational, and motivating array of melodies that represent the daily struggles we are faced with in our normal everyday lives. It was composed to encourage those in need of some uplifting words to provide hope and encouragement in times of despair. I would be deeply honored to have you guys check it out so that it may be considered to be the theme music for your organization in the fight against this plague that affects so many in the world today.

In return, I am willing to donate 3% of my earnings to your charity to show my appreciation. Thanks for your time. – Passport Da God


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