Never Give Up

As a passionate song writer, Passport Da God, is using his new single, Never Give up to inspire, empower, create & motivate those going through their own personal struggles .We all have struggles and have to make a conscious decision to fight or to fold when faced with obstacles. Being the artist that no one believed in and forced to do it on my own along with the help of the higher power. With the burning desire and a definite purpose, Passport has been able to persevere. More recently, facing one of the biggest battles of life watching his mother suffer from aggressive chemo and in her fight to beat breast cancer. Standing by her side and in her corner; as her one only son, best friend, and confidant every step of the way.

Upon finding about her untimely diagnosis, Passport was forced to now take his own advice and #NEVERGIVEUP to supports his mother through her healing journey.  Throughout the chemotherapy and many doctor visits, his support for the changes in her body included him going more intense with his healthy eating as well as shaving his head in her honor to let her know she wasn’t in the fight alone!

What is the message?

Motivation for those who are suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts,  victims of child abuse and molestation, suffering from drug addiction,  alcoholism, homelessness and to those who lost a loved one from any cancer, multiple sclerosis, single mothers and those single mothers with children with severe illnesses and those hospitalized at the world renowned St. Jude Hospital.

Motivation: To those that are trying to become the next Steph Curry or Lebron James down to those who want to become successful entrepreneur as a beautician or barber on to those aspiring to be a scientist lawyer doctor etc. or the next best entertainer.

What is the magic formula?

Hard work+Dedication+Perseverance along with the ability to Focus on the Invisible, not the Physical.