Born Garian Fifer on February 10, 1984 Yung Passport grew up in the crime infested streets of North Memphis, Tn where he attended Carnes elementary two blocks from the notorious Dixie Homes housing projects. Raised by his mother a single parent along with his aunts and grandmother the young Garian looked to the streets for a father figure. Early on he had an undeniable passion for music and often used rap as a way to deal with frustrations he had due to a lack of presence from his father. Soon he gravitated to sports and began experimenting with marijuana by age 12 and shortly thereafter graduating from just using marijuana to selling it.

Growing up with the basic necessities in life like food, shelter, and clothes Garian often wondered like many other teenagers what would it feel like to be rich. Although his mother did the best she could he wanted more and got a job at 15 played football and was selling cannabis full time. As time passed he began to get deeper into street life, moving up to distributing larger amounts of marijuana, crack cocaine, prescription pills and x-pills.

Blessed with the gift of gab he translated his lifestyle into freestyles and received praise from his peers for his skills as a MC. As time progressed he became a father and selling drugs was about to be null and void. After life changing events and close fatal situations that threatened his life rapping took over and Yung Passport was born.

Living up to his name the hungry lyrical tyrant took his music all over the country from St.Louis to Las Vegas covering various markets independently selling his mixtape out the trunk as he has performed in front of large crowds at big events like The Black Expo in Indianapolis, Club Crucial, Bonaroo, SXSW, and numerous strip clubs all over the country basically any spot you can name in Memphis. Since 2007 he has accumulated 3 full length solo projects and has been in the lab cooking up heat for his fourth solo mixtape “MR. INTERNATIONAL”, which will be the 2nd project from his independent label GreenBack Scholars Ent.

Always looking to expand his sound Passport has worked with various artists throughout the world and is constantly focusing on growth on a daily basis. The 33 year old father of two is more determined than ever to accomplish his goals set his family straight for life and reign as rap royalty so be on the look out and take flight with Passport Da God!